Web Weavers Hand Weaving Looms

Web Weavers Hand Weaving Looms

F84 (ex Felletin N°1) – £1000

  • The loom for all the family
  • Four pedal floor loom in solid oak
  • Three pedal heights possible
  • Small footprint: 100cm by 100cm and 140cm tall
  • Easily taken apart for transport/storage
  • Ready to weave – price includes 336 heddles and reed of 90cm optimised for wool at 4 threads/cm and 84cm weaving width. Ideal for beginners

Download the PDF file manual (English)

F90 – £1400

Same as the F84 except:

Larger yarn cog for more control

Width of loom 105cm with full 90cm weaving width

Includes 90cm reed and 380 heddles (ready to weave)

F120 – £1700

Large cog wheel on yarn roller

Width of loom just 135cm with 120cm weaving width

Includes 120cm reed and 480 heddles (ready to weave)



Optional extras:

  • Weaving stool in solid oak to match the loom – £140
  • Leg jacks for easier threading of the warp raises the loom height to work standing up – £30
  • Sectional yarn roller (5cm) –  add £50

All looms currently hand built to order.

  • Interchangeable heddle frames equipped for 6 threads/cm (480 heddles)
  • Easy to swap – avoids having to add and remove the extra heddles
  • Transport/storage covers
  • Fly shuttle beater (folding) – late 2017
  • Version “Felletin N°2” – 120cm weaving width – late 2017

Rental options (requires a deposit) to try at home:

  • Delivery charge applicable if not collected
  • Less than 12 month contract at £40/month
  • More than 12 month contract at £30/month
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